Do you DREAM of having your PERSONAL BRAND & grow yourself personally & professionally?

If YES scroll below and discover 6 easy step process to create and maintain your compelling social/digital/online image


Make your PERSONAL BRAND, get BUSINESS throughout your LIFETIME and BEYOND

Feature One

UNLOCK yourself from your self imposed boundaries and open up fully to newer opportunities

Feature Two

Learn basics of online image building and how to maintain it for a long time

Feature Three

Make yourself GO GLOBAL with opportunities

Feature Four

Scale up your reach through specific strategies discussed in the course

Feature Five

Learn, Plan, Implement, Reflect strategies for personal and professional growth

Feature Six

Achieve ONE BREAKTHROUGH moment after you have successfully taken the course and diligently implemented all the learnings


Learn more about your instructors:

Shashank Sejpal

Marketing Consultant For Business Coaches & Consultants


Kaustav Ghosh

Coach, Trainer & Mentor


Week 1
  1. 5 Commandments for your LIFE!
  2. Mindset
  3. 3 Creeds
  4. 5 SUPER SECRETS for success!
Week 2
  • Personal productivity review
  • Personal Branding
  • Instagram Branding Cycle
Week 3
  1. Life Legacy Preperation
  2. Linkedin Profile Setup
  3. Building Your Tribe on Linkedin
Week 4
  1. Career/Business Growth Opportunities
  3. Conclusion
Week 5
  1. Q&A


1. What exactly will I learn from this course?

We believe that in order to build your personal brand digitally in addition to digital skills you also require self-development and self-discipline to help you succeed and make your personal brand even more stronger. We will be covering both the aspects through this course.

2. Will I be able to launch my brand instantly online?

Yes ofcourse, if you diligently implement the learnings and be consistent with your efforts you will surely be able to launch yourself instantly.

3. Why is self development & self discipline important for me to build my online/digital brand?

We strongly believe that it is our inner self that either restricts us or allows us to take meaningful long term actions for our success stories. Understanding them, arresting them and then developing a path through self-discipline and self development will give us long term benefits and help us sustain our actions for a considerable amount of time.

4. Will I be able to earn a lot of money online through this course?

We are focussing on building your long term personal brand online and you may use the same to earn a lot of money, however we only restrict our course to strategies and techniques used to build successful personal brands

5. What will be the end outcome of this course?

You will realise how small changes in yourself and in your EVERYDAY LIFE that you can make and see amazing effects on the rest of your lives, days and relationships and in your work/business. You will also learn simple yet very powerful strategies to build your brand online in simple steps.

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